Zo Life Wisdom

raft.jpg River raft trip leader Lorenzo (known as “Zo” by fellow river rats), said there are three key things to remember in the rapids:

  1. Don’t panic
  2. Hold on
  3. Have fun

Here’s how that goes:

When we’re in the boat in the rapids, first of all, don’t panic. Some people do. He told us not to. It doesn’t enhance enjoyment for anyone. Second, hold on. It keeps you in the boat, having a safe ride. Last, have fun – that’s what we’re here for, after all!

Zo said if we forget the second instruction, and we let go, and are ejected from the boat, same 3 things apply:

Remember, don’t panic. (From an LOA perspective, I’m sure that first instruction could be better worded. But, in the heat of the moment, it probably works.)

You’re out of the boat. Don’t panic. It’s okay. Keep your head, maintain your cool. Everything’s fine.

That’s good instruction in life, too, isn’t it? You lost your job. It’s okay! Your girlfriend broke off the engagement. You’ll be fine! The doctor just gave you a diagnosis that doesn’t sound good. Don’t panic. It all works out.

Second instruction: hold on. Lorenzo told us to hold on to our life jacket, it’ll keep our head above water. Air is good.

This makes sense in life, too: hold on. You know what works for you in life, right? Hold on to that. Whether it’s your watercolor hobby, your workouts that keep you sane, yoga that keeps you grounded, your Starbucks latte that makes life worth living. Hold on to what’s working for you.

Third instruction: have fun. You’re in the water, and you’re in the rapids. And you’re in for the ride of your life!! Enjoy!

When it seems like life’s going to hell in a handbasket, have some fun! lol There’s something to enjoy here, I’m positive. Look for it, and appreciate it. When my beloved best friend retriever Sophie died last year, right on the heels of losing my even bigger best friend chow Kita, I took a deep breath and fostered some puppies. (Two of whom are my newest family members.)

When my guy makes his exit, I get to flirt with strange men again! When the boss tried to fire me, I relished the thought of being free. It’s what gave real life and inspiration to my fantasies of starting a coaching practice.

There’s a way to enjoy the ride. When we have our attention pointed in that direction, it’s inevitable that we will. So, remember to have fun! : )

Who’d have thought I’d find such a wise mentor on the river?

  • June 18, 2007
  • Sonora. says:

    I am LOVING the insights from your trip, Jeannette! It sounds a blast! Thank you for sharing – you were missed.



    Ps Two new puppies?! Mail me lol!

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